64931 Marchande d'amour Ciara Adams

1 heure 2 heures nuit entière
700 1300 non
700 1300 non
Âge: 19 Taille: 165 Poids: 46
Bonnet: 2 Européen Brun
Ciara is a high-class escort with dark-hair and silky skin. The soft-features of her face and the curve of her young tight body will have you begging for a kiss from the moment you meet her. Her seductive gaze will draw you in closer, giving you the chance peer down her slender neck and catch a glimpse of her supple breasts. Don’t worry though, Ciara loves to please, so when she senses your lust, she’ll be the first to offer up her sweetness. Beware: Ciara might tease you first with a playful peck or two because this young girl loves to have fun. She won’t make you beg but you should know that Ciara thrives on sexual tension. Take her out for a night on the town and see how long you can let that tension build before you’re devouring this beauty without restraint (just make sure you’ve found a private place by then). Restraint, by the way, is not Ciara’s strength. Given to excess, Ciara is a party girl who will bring out the animal in even the most subdued man. Weeks after your encounter, you’ll be secretly enjoying erotic flashbacks of the carnal pleasure unleashed in you by this deviant temptress. Did we mention Ciara loves to please? Tell her what you desire – or don’t: either way, Ciara always finds a way to understand her man’s needs and fulfill his fantasies. Sure, she’s comfortable climaxing, but what she really wants – what she craves – is to see your face in ecstasy. If what you need is for this genuinely bisexual model to please you and your partner together, she will bring out a side of you that your partner has never seen. Given her ability to please, it’s not surprising that Ciara is one of the most re-requested Sydney escorts at Hush. Try her once and see if you can resist coming back.

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